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Ceiba Flooring is a division of Ceiba, Ltd Co. Our professional flooring crew will provide our clients outstanding service. Quality is our number one priority to ensure that you're flooring needs exceed all expecations. Ceiba flooring wants our clients to know that the following will be provided on every job:

  • Collaboration with our clients on their vision

  • Easy to understand bids

  • Clean workspaces

  • Timely completion of work

  • Gorgeous results



Flooring Gallery
Subway tile bathroom remodel
Bathroom vanity
Shower remodel
Bathroom remodel
Trim work and tile floor
Bathroom remodel
Early 1900s tub
Bath remodel with Tub
Wooden floor
Wooden floor
Wood floor transition
Wood floor transtion
Bathroom shower
Bathroom remodel
Marble layout for shower wall
Waterproofing materials
Faucet trim kit
Laying marble floor
Bath remodel
Bath vanity
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